Utilizing Friends And Family

At Canards we have realized our biggest competitor is your very own friends and family. You should always consider what you can do yourself with the resources at your disposal. Friends and family are an unadvertised workforce that have snatched various jobs from our hands and rightfully so. A workforce comprised of people you like, trust and are most likely close by who could beat that.

When Canards began it was just our general manager Connor, our CEO-siblings Sue and David and Connors little Subaru. No trucks. No Vans. Just that. Their jobs were picked up by friends, family and word of mouth. And now five years later we have 2 vans a truck on the way and a business model based on the idea that we are your phone call away professional family and friends you never knew you had.

If you’re a person who wants to know the people handling your stuff then Canard Solution is for you, a moving process where the team acts as your temporary family to settle you into your new home with a sense of warmth. And although this might put a dent in our revenue we suggest that you send out some feelers to see what friends and family you can turn into cheap labour.