Tips for letting go

Throwing things out is hard, and no one knows the hardship of this task more than Canard. In our time helping clients downsize, de-clutter and storing items we’ve found a common apprehension for chucking things out. We try our best to rationalize this content culling, but find more often than not that a lot of items hold a wealth of sentimental value. So how do you look at these keepsakes and decide its time to leave them behind. Well we at Canard have come up with a few questions to ask yourself before keeping something others would throw away.
Question 1: Is the memory associated with this item a good one?
Question 2: Is the memory lost without the item?
Question 3: Have you used this item in the past year?
Question 4: had you forgotten about this item before moving?
These might seem like simple questions, but simply answering these question may give you a better idea as to what this thing means to you. And that in itself is the first step to being able to let go of encumbering stuff. So next time you hold something longingly over the bin, trying to let go like Frodo and the One ring, ask these questions and see if that helps in determining its fate.