The Amateurs guide to furnishing

If you are moving into a new place with an inventory of mismatched furniture then we at Canard Solution believe this guide is for you.

Firsts things first, work out what type of furniture goes where. Just like the innate bad juju of putting a fridge in a living room or a dining table in a master bedroom, this very concept can whittle down to being able to recognize a bedside table from a regular side table. Categorization is the easiest and best way to start, and within that, start with whats right. So this means getting the easy things out of the way, couches and televisions are living room accessories. dining table, side boards and chairs are strictly dining room furniture. Are you starting to get it? This will be our first rule.

where does it belong-
To alleviate the stress of wonder, and eliminate any possible ponder.

next is your odds and ends. Small side tables, cabinets, stands, shelves and storage. When starting this leg of the project its important to remember you will be living here. This part may be a lot of trial and error but once placing an item in the room, sit in it. Ask yourself does this feel right? if it does, get up and pretend to use the piece of furniture as its intended to function. Ask yourself again, do I have to go out of my way? is it in my way? or even, is it too out of my way? Feng Shui is the Chinese term for good energies, but if that sounds too voodoo for you then just think of it as aesthetic. With that we have our second rule.

What feels natural-
If you can sit in a room and feel happy in its make up, you have achieved aesthetic.

Now we’re getting down to the knitty gritty bits and pieces. this is where you start assessing space, furniture types/make and lastly how it looks. With these bits you have to look at whether walls are too covered. Whether the furniture clashes with with the original pieces of the room. When I say this I mean, wood, colour and design. You don’t want a room filled with block furniture only to add some focal queen Anne curved masterpiece to offset the lot of it. Just like you wouldn’t put a stainless steel table in a room full of leather. It seems like common sense but in reality this is taste. knowing these small indiscretions of fashion and choosing to not break these unwritten laws shows you are on your way to obtaining taste. We’ll call this rule~

Mixing but more importantly matching-
making sure that styles don’t drastically clash and give you headaches

These three rules should give you a head start to being the ultimate amateur furnish-er.