Right For The Job

You deserve the best! Isn’t that obvious? But how do I tell that I’m getting a reliable service? There are a few mental check boxes you could tick off before the job even begins on the day.

Firstly manners. We at Cannards find we get a great reception by being polite and making you feel comfortable with leaving furniture in our hands. So if the service you’ve hired is making you feel uncomfortable from the get go then no wonder you feel on edge for the entirety of the job. Its not on you to trust them but for them to inspire trust in you. Its not hard, it can be as simple as a smile and a nod, to as extensive as joyful curiosity creating rapport between you and the team.

Equipment. If a team of removalists show up without tools, blankets and straps, then they don’t care. Without these necessities you mayaswell say good-bye to glass furniture, working white goods and a garuntee of scuffed and scratched furniture. The more prepared your removalist team looks the better, because despite the bare necessity of this inventory list, it shows experience. Experience in dealing with problems, in thinking of solutions for odd and difficult furniture. I guess you could say it comes down to trust again, you want to feel at ease with those handling your acquired treasures over a lifetime.

A can-do attitude. If you have a removalist who is trying to convince you to tip or leave things because they aren’t prepared to try, then you’ve hired wrong. Of course some situations merit a response like this, but you’ll usually start hearing these persuasions as time becomes more of a pressing matter. This does not change anyhting however, removalists should be prepared to go above and beyond and in most cases will work well over the allocated time to make sure you are all moved in. This is a mainly word of mouth business so they should be trying to assure your future referral.

These three easy identifiers of a good removalist business are here to help you identify straight up whether you should continue with the company for the move. If they show up empty handed, scowls upon their faces and ready to complain about your dining room table being one whole piece, then tell them to jog on and hopefully they will learn from this.