With Canard Solutions nothing is a problem

Preparing to sell a home can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. The family home contains so many treasured memories, and it can be emotional saying goodbye. It is also an extremely daunting task, sorting through a lifetime of belongings. Having to decide which to keep and which to discard is an undesirable mission to say the least.

These are just some of the reasons why it is easy to delay selling the family home. While we have all successfully moved house before, it is a task that never gets easier. It also loses possible interest by holding up equity in the property.

Canard Solutions understands that moving house and selling the family home is no one’s favourite job. We help take the effort out if it all. In addition to helping you deal with the contents of your home, particularly if you are downsizing or clearing the estate of a loved one, we are able to organise the myriad of things needing to be done to achieve a great outcome at auction.

This can be anything from arranging plumbers, to a new coat of paint, a spruce up of the garden, or decorative furnishings for marketing photography; Canard Solutions can take care of it for you.

We know that every single house and family is different and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. This is why we approach every job with the motto “nothing is a problem”. We sit down with each client to work out their project objectives. Then we return with a comprehensive work programme. We also know that sometimes things pop up along the way, and we are happy to deal with these as the occur. If a client needs something more, we are always happy to alter the work programme to suit their needs. Again, as we say, “nothing is a problem”.