The Cost of Clutter

It is always worth considering how much it costs you to hold on to clutter. When you consider that real estate costs are at an all-time high, and the physical space that unused items take up, you realise that all of that extra furniture and all those extra trinkets can be costing you a great deal. Renting offsite storage, holding up the sale of a deceased estate, or simply locking up capital that could be earning interest. Yes, clutter can cost you real money.

On top of this, clutter can be more stressful on your well-being. There is a new “minimalist movement” that is taking the world by storm. This philosophy preaches you should remove any items in your life that do not bring you specific joy. It claims that we as a society are constantly filling our homes with unnecessary materialistic things. You don’t have to scale back to a bare minimum, but rather just consider how many unnecessary things you have.  Is your house overfilled? Does the clutter overwhelm you? Sometimes clearing out your home of things you do not need can be extremely fulfilling and cathartic. And on top of this, you can make cash in selling your items.

Canard Solutions can help you realise value in assets that are draining you both emotionally and financially. We can provide you with a comprehensive photo inventory of your goods. You can tick through to indicate which items you want to keep or sell and we take it from there! Canard Solutions not only knows how to pack your goods carefully and efficiently, we also know the best place to get the best price for your goods. We work closely with various auction houses and dealers and can help achieve the best outcome for you.

If you feel that your house looks a little like a scene from Hoarders, then why not contact Canard Solutions to see how we can help?