Case Study: I Want to Sell My House, but What do I do with all my Stuff?

The owner of a large home in Armadale was facing a real challenge. She had just lost her husband, and her children lived interstate. She decided to sell the family home, but with a house full of memories, furniture, goods, and effects, she did not know what to do. Fortunately, a phone call to Canard Solutions helped her out of this conundrum.

Canard Solutions worked with the vendor, identifying what items to retain, gift, move, or give to family members. This was obviously an emotional task for the client. However, it was easier with the photo inventory provided by Canard Solutions. The inventory helped her clearly mark the destination for all her belongings.

We prepared a work program to achieve the following goals:

  1. Pre-sale declutter of the property
  2. Post-sale consignment of surplus goods to auction houses
  3. Assistance with the final move and preparation of the home for final vacation

The project was successfully completed. The client expressed many advantages of our service, particularly our support. It is often not possible to rely on family and friends to help you move house. Many of us try to lure in friends to assist us in order to save money in the move. However, the sale proceeds from our client’s auctioned goods offset our costs. As well as this, there were surplus sale proceeds given back to the client.

Moving house and selling your goods is an emotional task. Canard Solutions provides a clear work program that gives the vendor confidence to approach such a challenge.

We know that every project is different. Everyone has different needs when it comes to selling, downsizing, or clearing an estate. However, we are happy to cater to each and every need of our clients. As we say, “nothing is a problem”.