Dealers vs Auctions

Dealers vs. Auctions: What is the best way to sell? This is a question we often hear. There are pros and cons with both.



A dealer is unlikely to pay more than the lower-end of what something is likely to achieve at auction. However, both parties benefit from forgoing auction fees and charges.

A dealer usually sells specific items. This means they know what their buyers are after. If you have the goods in demand, a dealer will likely want to buy them as they will be able to sell them.



The benefit of the auction process is that you have the potential for several people vying over an item. If two competing buyers really want the item, you will usually receive well over the minimum price.

Auction houses may decline selling your goods if they feel it will not achieve a good result. They will not want to deal with disposing of a large piece of furniture if it does not sell.


It is a tough call. It makes a big difference in the sales outcome if you know where to take particular items. Some items will do better with a dealer, and others at an auction. Some items sell better at certain auction houses; whereas some dealers will pay more for certain items. It is also helpful to have a good understanding of what sells best where. For example, placing a high-end product in a lower-end auction house can potentially lose value on your item as auction-goers attend those houses with the view to grab a bargain.

This is where Canard Solutions comes in. We are involved in the selling process every single week. We know where to find the best value for our clients.