Moving for older people: how to help

As my late grandmother, who died 102 years young, used to posit, “don’t grow old, there’s no future in it.” A humorous observation to be sure but rather impractical. The fact remains; the aging process is inevitable and activities like moving, regardless if the move is a downsize or a move into care, can be a difficult transition for an older adult. Canard Solutions can help move your older people move with care and sensitivity. 

standing younger man helping seated older man plan
Communication and having a plan is essential

Like most of us, older adults appreciate when an activity or process is achieved peacefully and without too many hassles. Downsizing from the cherished family home will almost certainly be tinged with sadness, confusion or regret. As such, it is important to communicate a timely plan with your loved one in advance of any move and communicate frequently. It is to be hoped that doing so will help them accept the changes afoot. Canard Solutions can assist in facilitating a smooth transition for your older loved one. Prior to moving, we advise categorising items for easy unpacking later and, in addition, help the senior sort their personal belongings. We also recommend you show the senior what their new home looks like which will help them understand the new floorplan and settle in easier after the move. 


Encourage the wider family to support the senior during their downsizing experience. Where possible delegate work to family members (including older grandchildren) – the older person will feel that they aren’t facing the moving journey alone. Having loved ones support the senior throughout the moving process will help alleviate their stress and put at rest many of their concerns. 


Decision making is an intense activity, and when downsizing there are a lot of decisions to be made! Keeping the discussion rational and unemotional will help the older person stay focussed on the reason to downsize. Family may need to assist the older person to determine how much to take with them before deciding what to take. Missing this step usually leads to too much once the move is complete, and the need for another round of sorting, just when everyone is exhausted.


In our experience, the house being vacated by the senior is usually sold to help fund future expenses. Canard Solutions is expert in organising all services required to prepare a house for sale: stylists, gardeners, rubbish disposal, real estate valuations, photographers and, our signature service, the consigning of items of value for sale that aren’t being kept by the senior or their family members.