Complicated downsize in 4 stages – a case study

Canard Solutions was engaged by a couple with a complicated downsize project of their two-bedroom Gardenvale home. The client had sold their home but had not yet purchased a new property. To complicate matters, the timing of the move coincided with the auction houses’ summer break. This resulted in the execution of a four-step programme across two months to accommodate the auction houses’ requirements and the client’s timeline.

Initially, Canard Solutions created an inventory of the client’s goods and tagged the items the client would require in their new home. The items which were not to be retained were evaluated by our capable representative for quality and market value. These items were to be dispersed between a number of auction houses and charities. Storage options were presented to the client and the final transaction between client and storage company was facilitated by Canards Solutions.

The second phase of the project was the transportation and sale of outdoor items,  including delicate garden sculptures and decorative plants. The delivery was timed to coincide with an outdoor furniture event at the auction house to maximise sale potential.

The third phase was moving day. Two crews were sent to the house to move all belongings to one of two storage units, one for retained goods, the other for saleable goods. The move required a coordinated plan to achieve optimal cost efficiency for the client.

The fourth phase involved deliveries to the auction houses and charities. Each item was sent to the auction house where the best price could be achieved. Where possible, the deliveries were scheduled to coincide with auction house events, this strategy was employed to optimise sale price.

At the completion of this project the clients had full access to the items in their storage units and control of the agreement with the storage company. The beauty of this package was the flexibility it provided the client after their retained items were put into storage. Canards was able to de-stress the complicated downsize.

banner showing Canard Solutions log and title complicated home downsize