I want to sell some goods, I just don’t know where to sell them! Where is the best place to sell?

Downsizing or clearing a deceased estate presents a number of challenges. One of the biggest is where and how to sell all the goods. One of the most important but often most overlooked is choosing which auction house to use.
While it is easiest to take the lot to a single auction house, this rarely returns good sales results. Each destination has a specific market that it focuses on, achieving best results for items in that space. Sometimes they won’t bother listing majority of the estate goods as they won’t break even following fees, charges, and commissions. Removalists, as mentioned in another post,  can eat up a great deal of the remainder. This often leaves the seller will very little to show for their possessions. 
Online selling sites, like eBay and Gumtree, offer a different sales avenue. They remove some of the above-mentioned costs, and are less-focused on a particular market, they do have their own issues. eBay’s commission is lower than most physical auction houses. However, eBay charges commission on the total of the hammer fall price and the shipping costs combined. On top of this, PayPal charges a commission, too. And when you consider the time involved in each online sale, such as listing it, replying to queries, and organising shipping, eBay looks less attractive. 
Canard Solutions uses a range of different auction houses, both online and offline. We know where an item is likely to achieve a good sales result. We know when to group small items together to reduce lot fees. Also, we can leverage our high volume of goods to obtain a better commission rate. This results in more money in your pocket.
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