Time is Money: The Cost of Delay


The decision to sell a family home is always a big one to make, both emotionally and financially. However, once that decision has been, it is best to act fast! Implementing the sale process quickly can achieve significant financial benefits for the seller.

Two examples of these financial benefits are as follows:

Firstly, the sooner you sell your home, the sooner capital is available to you. This capital is then able either generate interest income (for example, $5,000 per month per each million dollars’ worth of capital); or to eliminate mortgage costs.

Secondly, it takes time to deal with the surplus furniture, goods, and effects in a house for sale. Plus, it takes effort! It is important to organise the sale of these goods quickly and efficiently. Selling excess goods will relieve the cost of moving them. It can also release surplus cash to you.

Have you recently made the decision to sell your family home? Consider chatting to Canard Solutions so we can assist you with progressing things quicker.

Case Study

Canard Solutions received a call from a client wanting to declutter their house. They wished to sell the house in the peak spring selling season. They had a short time-frame to do this (five weeks of marketing, and two of pre-sale preparation.) This deadline required Canard Solutions to complete a full declutter in just a week. Canard Solutions project within seven days of first contact with the client. The property successfully sold in the September marketing season.

The quick turn around pleased the client. Their decision to sell was not easy, but once made, it was not long until they achieved a sale. This was because of the speedy declutter by Canard Solutions and a successful marketing campaign. Most importantly, the client was able to access the capital from the sale of the house sooner.