The Online Sales Revolution Demands Know How

With the advent of social distancing and the exponential growth of remote working, there has been a boom in online sales. The headlines are often full of the rise and rise of Amazon, but it has not been the only one to ride this wave.

There has also been an explosion in the number of bricks and mortar auction houses expanding their offerings online on platforms such as, where unique and specialist items have found an outlet geared for them, as opposed to Amazon and Ebay which have been increasingly focused on on retail online sales offering multiple units of the same item. Antiques, artworks, and ephemera have been seeing great prices realised, as niche items have found global buying pools in this move to digital selling.

The other side of the coin is that there is more and more “noise” to cut through in this space. The biggest challenge with successful online auctioning is the same as offline selling: getting the item in front of the right people to ensure you have multiple bidders. With more items for sale online than ever before, offering them in the correct way to find a bidding audience is more important than ever. We’ve often found value in unexpected places, from 1960s phone books selling for close to $100 to kerosene tins selling for thousands. The growth in online auctions has opened up new markets with increasing returns for items, as long as they are correctly identified and marketed.

By following market trends and knowing how and where to sell, Canard Solutions takes the guesswork out of online auctioning. We’re all facing challenging times, but with the right know how and agility we can also find new opportunities. Call us on 03 9013 6084 to find out how.