My mother is nothing if not organised, but over the journey she has amassed a reasonably impressive collection of belongings that were of no future use to her on anyone in the family. The task fell to me to sort through the house which was not an appealing prospect other than to make sure that no treasures were overlooked. After a good hunt through each drawer and cupboard and several trips to the op shop etc I ran out of steam somewhat.

At that point I thought I’d try Canards based on the feedback from a few folks around the office. Made life VERY easy.

One of the team came out and walked through the home (15 minutes) and quoted within 24 hours.

Upon appointment they sent a team of two to sort through and packed every nook and cranny and created several “piles” (8 hours – I oversaw for a few hours – good prospecting block in my mother’s study!)

A few days late they returned for a half day with a team that made trips to the tip, the op shop, Leonard Joel Auction rooms etc. I couldn’t be at home that afternoon to let them in but they left a pile for me that I then dealt with later.

It was a breeze and the whole house was sorted without me lifting a finger.

PLEASE be aware – this is NOT a house stylist service like Cooper Robinson – Cooper Robinson came through and did their bit after and the house looks amazing now. This is a service to get all of the personal effects sorted out and heading in the right direction.

The cost is not prohibitive. Was about $2600 all up (Mum’s house is about 230sqm and was still well over half full – the hard half!) and she’ll then get a cheque back in the next couple of weeks for 75% of the money raised from the auction rooms.

Seriously worth doing this and seriously amazing for someone that just can’t bet their head around the enormity of the task of moving…