Not So Simple

Often in life we approach a task that we think is going to be very simple. However, when we actually star doing the job at hand we realise it is not so easy after all! This is exactly what happened in a recent project we undertook. The brief was easy enough: downsizing from one apartment to another. There was only five kilometers distance between the two apartments. The owners were keeping most of their goods, bar a few. This meant there was no need to sort through an exorbitant amount of wanted or unwanted goods. There was no need to consign anything to auction houses or donate to charity. It was a straight-forward job. Or so we though.

Canard Solutions completed a walk through with the owners prior to the move. We booked the goods and services lift to ensure speedy haulage of goods. We gave the owners advice on the few unwanted items they had. Most were easily disposed of or donated. Things were going smoothly. It was on the day of the move that we ran into a few snags.

Firstly, the owners were unaware that their fridge was actually a double fridge. This is a two-in-one fridge that requires the manaufacturer to dismantle it.

Then there was the issue with the dining table. A 2.7m table to be squeezed into a 2.74m high lift! Physics were against us here, as it was going to be impossible to place the table in the lift.

Luckily, Canard Solutions was able to fix all the problems very quickly. We contacted the fridge manufacturer to come and dismantle and separate the two fridges. They came in no time, dismantled the fridges, and we moved it immediately.

The table was a little trickier.  However, it had to fit in the lift because it had made it into the apartment. Right? Well as it turns out, the table was brought in separate pieces and assembled inside the apartment. We managed to swiftly deconstruct the table’s substructure and take it out piece by piece. We also easily reassembled the table in the new apartment.

This is a good example of a simple project turning out to be not-so-simple! Thankfully, Canard Solutions had already pre-planned the project very well so the hiccups did not cause too much of a disturbance. And luckily Canard Solutions can take card of any problem along the way quickly, painlessly, and efficiently. A straight-forward downsizing move can seem easy enough, but there are always issues that pop up along the way. For that reason, it is often best to have a professional deal with the problems for you.