The complex processes of deceased estates

Our daily challenge is to make complex processes work for our clients seamlessly. 

Icons illustrating Canard Solutions complex processes: Inspection, Proposal, Planning, Delivery, Sales, Accounting
Canard Solutions process

To achieve this:

  1. The task must be accurately captured and analysed; 
  2. A plan needs to be formulated that will meet the client’s requirements including timeframes;
  3. The resources and manpowered must be calculated;
  4. The costings accounted for;
  5. All details need to be clearly communicated to the client.

And then the on-ground operations can commence:

  1. Staff need to be fully trained, covering business systems, work health and safety, communication;
  2. Resources must we available where and when needed;
  3. Packing and consigning staff need to ensure goods are protected in transit, and understand where items will achieve the best outcomes, and create inventory;
  4. Movers need to be Tetris masters, able to manage delicate or heavy items equally well, and adaptable if scope creep happens;
  5. Consignment must fit into the timeframe of both the client and the receiving organisation, whether that is auction house, op shop, tip, or storage units;
  6. Ops manager must monitor the project as it unfolds;
  7. Accounts staff must track expenses as well as sales for the project and prepare reports.

One project this week reinforced just how the complex processes need to mesh together. The project was a complete sort and dispersal of all goods and furniture in household which was a deceased estate. The house is scheduled for dressing for display purposes next week, and for auction in 4 weeks. With some options unavailable due to Covid restrictions, our the client requiring additional drop off of goods to relatives, and extra trips to the tip for an increase in the volume of goods which could not be sold, recycled or donated, we were able to complete the job within the specified timeframe.

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