Moving? You get to organise your garage.

Getting to organise your garage is a benefit of moving. Resist the temptation to just store everything that doesn’t fit in the house in your garage and instead make the space work for you.

Workbench in garage with tools organised on wall

Garages serve as a place to both protect your motor vehicle and as storage for your belongings. However, who hasn’t witnessed a garage that’s become highly disorganised and cluttered. It’s quite a sight! Anyway, I’ve put together a few tips on how to maintain an organised garage when moving into your new home. 

  • Evaluate what to keep and what to discard. 

When you start to organise your garage, go through everything and verify with yourself if you need it and if you will use it. Be firm with yourself! Some items you’ll need to keep, some will be in good enough condition to sell or donate, and some will need to be thrown away.

  • Organise your garage into zones.

For convenience, divide your garage into zones. For example, your workstation might serve as an area to do all your DIY jobs and around which you would keep all the tools. Another area inside the garage might be where you store things like videos, books and toys in clearly labelled separate boxes for easy identification in the future. 

  • Build upwards and hang equipment to the wall.

Use the vertical space in the garage. Add shelves and boxes to create layers for lighter objects allowing greater floor space for bulkier and heavier objects. Re-purpose old baskets and racks and attach, with hangers and hooks, to the garage wall. With a lick of paint, the old baskets and racks will look like new! When everything becomes more visible, it’ll be easier to find things.

  • Install a cupboard or two. 

Cupboards are a little more durable than baskets and shelves and can store things like paint, oils, lubricants, tennis racquets and golf clubs. 

  • Maintain a clean and tidy garage. 

Now and again, when the car isn’t parked there, leave the garage doors open to allow some fresh air in and sweep out the dust and debris every few weeks.  

By getting your garage organised you will save time and money. Less time spent hunting for things, and less money spent buying duplicates of the things you couldn’t find.

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