Difficult Decisions: Should I Take This With Me?

Downsizing is a not a simple task. You are required to make difficult decisions about what items ‘make the cut’ and what does not. One of the most frequent questions we get asked during a downsizing job is, should I take this with me?

Thought bubble with question mark on yellow background to help making difficult decisions

Like the task, the answer to the question is not simple. However, the decision can be made easier by answering the following 4 questions.

  1. Have you used it in the last 6 months?

Generally something you cannot live without will have been required in the past 6 months.

2. Will you use it in the next 6 months?

Sometimes a seasonal item will not be used one year but will be used in the coming years, for example snow gear or sports equipment.

3. Does it have sentimental value?

These items should always have a place in your life as long as they can fit in the new home.  Saying that, you should consider only keeping 1 piece of a set, or only keeping items with the most sentimental value.

4. Will it fit in the new home?

This is one of the most important questions. There is little point going through all of the effort of moving an item to the new location, only to move it again soon after. It is also important to consider access into the new home like doorways, elevators, and stairs, as well as the space in the home.

Asking yourself specific questions will move the difficult decisions away from emotional influences and towards needs-based decision making. We notice that as people tire during the packing process, decision paralysis can take over. Final tip: if you find yourself taking longer to work out whether you should be taking something with you, or worse, just packing everything, go back to these 4 questions. They work!