Guide to difficult tasks: Clearing the attic Part 2

In part two of ‘Clearing the attic’, we look at how to prepare, sort and process items removed from the attic. Missed Part 1? Read it here.

Ladder leading to attic

1. Prepare a Sorting and Packing Area. 

You will need a sorting and packing area within a short distance of the attic to make clearing the attic as easy as possible, so that you minimise the heavy work of carrying. It can be a good idea to clear the room at the base of the ladder or stairs, so you have space to stack items that have been sorted and packed, reducing the physical workload of moving items around.

Items brought down from the attic will need to be cleaned or at least dusted before being divided into four separate categories: 

  • Things to discard (including tipping and donating).
  • Things to be auctioned or sold. Canard Solutions can assist in valuing and consigning these items to sale.
  • Things to be given away to family and friends.  
  • Things to be kept.

When deciding which items from the loft to dispose of, to sell or to keep, as a rule of thumb be ruthless in your deliberations. If an item has been in the loft and you have not used it for years, ask yourself, do I really need it? Come moving day the fewer things you take with you, the cheaper your home removal will be. 

2. Classifying the type of items you might find in the loft and what to do with them. 

Books – Books are heavy and usually redundant so consider donating these to a charity. If the book or set of books are a rare edition of a famous book it will have a value and so you can sell it. If it’s not significant to you, you should challenge yourself for a reason to keep it.

Clothes – Unless the items of clothing are used seasonally (winter clothing/ski clothing etc), it’s likely that they are now outdated and of no use to you. Another group of items that can be donated to charity, sold or recycled.

Household items – These are in the loft because you no longer use them. Discard! 

clearing the attic can be a dirty job
Clearing the attic can be a dirty job

Items of sentiment /emotional attachment.

Photo albums – Either keep the physical album or, if you feel keeping the albums is too cumbersome, do what many people do and scan to a hard drive or a cloud storage service. Then you can display them in a digital picture frame and enjoy the memories. 

Old toys – Why keep these? Some toys are extremely valuable so are saleable on eBay or at auction, and you can pocket the money. Toys in good condition can be donated. 

School books – Discard. Old schoolbooks are redundant and cannot be donated.

Children’s paintings – As with the photos, why not photograph the paintings and display them in your new digital frames. 

Wedding dress – Apart from the obvious choices of selling or donating to a charity, you may want to incorporate your wedding dress into a memory cushion, decorative table linen, or even a debutante gown for family or a friend. 

Old birthday cards – Any cards you wish to keep can be scanned and digitalised as with children’s paintings and photos. Remember the more accessible memories are, the more likely you are to spend time enjoying them.

There may well be items from your attic decluttering that will need to relocate with you to your new home because of a future need. Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing and suitcases will need to take up residence – either in the atic again, or preferably somewhere with easy access.

Some of the items in the attic may have monetary value

3. Packing

Packing for a home move is takes time and effort and can be done well or poorly. If you have finished clearing the attic, more work is probably the last thing you want. 

We at Canard Solutions can give you a complete end to end clearing, packing and moving experience. Give us a call: 03 9013 6084.