Problems in downsizing: tips for success

Recently we helped an older lady to move home which involved significant downsizing, and we ran into problems. These problems and solutions can give you a head start in your own decluttering and downsizing project. And I can give you a few tips.

The lady had sold her home of many years, and her daughter had been helping sort and pack for 3 weeks. The plan was to do the move in two parts – required furniture, clothes and other goods one day to her new home, the rest to be consigned for sale, donation and recycling over the next 4 weeks. Our client was sleeping in her new home for the first time the same day as the move.

Rule 1: There’s always more

Our client and her daughter have been sorting and packing for at least 3 weeks. Most was packed but come the move day and the kitchen was still untouched – food in the pantries, crockery in the cupboards, utensils in the drawers, electrical appliances on the benches.

Many kitchens take a day to sort and pack, but this was a straight pack. We were able to call in one of our packers, and voilà! All done in a few hours! Total relief for our client and her daughter.

Tip: If you’re falling behind on your schedule, call in extra help.

Rule 2: Sometimes things take longer

Moving large bookcases can be tricky, but when they need to be removed from the wall and from each other, it also takes longer. We’re always equipped with tools, and we separated them, and loaded and moved them within our time frame. 

Tip: Try to identify time consuming tasks ahead of time and make allowances for these.

Rule 3: It can be difficult for family to help

Our client had lots of clothing that had become a small bone of contention within the family. By supplying an independent assistant, we were able to change the prevailing atmosphere from ‘resist’ to ‘evaluate and decide’. Clothes sorted, moved, and unpacked, and discord avoided.

Tip: Moving the relationship to professionals can defuse logjams.

These are all good examples of “Nothing’s a problem”, the motto Canard Solutions lives by. Our aim is to minimise the effect of problems in downsizing, decluttering, moving, and managing deceased estates. If you need help, email us or call us on 03 9013 6084.