How to Pack a Moving Truck Safely.

At Canard Solutions, one of our core competencies is moving clients into and out of a property and so we are experts on how to pack a truck safely.

Typically, this task forms part of downsizing project that may also include facilitating auctions, sales and valuations on behalf of our clients. Many of our clients, after the sale of their usual home, commission us to help them move into a second home such as a retirement village or holiday home. At Canard Solutions we can make the move significantly easier and faster. However, if you decide to embark on the moving assignment yourself, here is our best advice on conducting the move safely. 

Start Big to Small

The biggest and heaviest items in your house, except for whitegoods, can usually be disassembled. Items such as beds, bookshelves, dining tables and some modular and corner lounges separate into smaller components that are easier to lift and carry to the truck and take up less space once in the truck. To save time come moving day make sure to disassemble all furniture a couple of days in advance.  

Having said that, even disassembled furniture is sizable and, along with whitegoods and other heavy items, should be loaded onto the truck first. Mattresses tend to fit well stacked up at the back of the truck (use a mattress moving cover to keep the mattress clean). Place similarly shaped bed frames in front of mattresses. You might even choose to build a wall of boxes in front of the mattress/bed frame where safe to do so. Next, place cabinets, chest of drawers, couches, washing machines, dryers and tables which will comfortably hold up the items behind. 

The main benefit of loading heavy items onto the truck first is the capacity to fit smaller items on or around the large items where safe to do so. This system also makes unloading the truck easier and faster at the other end. 

Air Pockets

At Canard Solutions we pride ourselves on minimising the number of ‘air pockets’ in the back of a truck. However, sometimes it’s unavoidable and air pockets occur around items that don’t stack well like chairs or gaps under coffee tables. As such, it’s handy to keep small items nearby that can be inserted into these spaces and gaps as required. This is known as space maximisation and will help you get the most out of loading the truck. 


A truck attached with a hydraulic tail lift is essential for the obvious reasons of assistance in lifting heavy items into the back of the truck. Moving straps/ties are also essential. Straps hold items in place and prevent fragile items being damaged while the truck is in motion, going around corners, over bumps and up and down hills. 

Where to position lighter items?

Once your heavy items are loaded and the air pockets have been filled, you should be left with your smaller items and perhaps some lighter boxes. Place these items safely and securely in any available space or on top of heavy furniture. Even though lighter in weight, make sure the smaller objects are either strapped down or wedged in firmly, so they don’t shift around in transit. 

Hopefully our advice on how to pack a moving truck safely is helpful. Believe us, we’ve loaded countless trucks! Of course, if the moving process seems unachievable to do safely yourself, Canard Solutions is ready to spring into action and help you move house easily, faster and more safely.