Fantastic range of bookcases on offer at auction!

This week we’re struck by the range of bookcases available at auction through Leonard Joel Auctions. Ranging from Victorian style to mid-century modern, formal to casual, many come from downsizing and deceased estates, where Canard Solutions offers a full range of services. Have a look at the items on offer below. Do you have a similar bookcase at home?

Scroll through to see the estimated sale price and actual price achieved below.

Cane 4 shelf bookcase
A Bamboo & cane a shelf bookcase (a/f) (107h x 92w x 30d cm)
Estimate $200-300
Sold for $340


Picture of a revolving bookcase
An antique French revolving bookcase c 1920 (88h x 48w x 49d cm)
Estimate $800-1,000 
Sold for $1,100

A tall 5 shelf bookcase with adjustable shelves
A Victorian style mahogany open bookshelf (A/F) (201h x 107w x 35d cm)
Estimate $140-240 
Sold for $180
A small bookcase
A Myer Heritage timber bookcase (a/f) (118h x 76w x 28d CM)
Estimate $100-140 
Sold for $200
A waterfall bookcase
An oak waterfall bookcase (91h x 91w x 19d CM)
Estimate $260-300 
Sold for $300
An ash bookcase
An Australian ash bookcase (A/F) (112h x 93w x 22d CM)
Estimate $200-300 
Sold for $200
A mid-century low display cabinet
A mid-century single door bookshelf (A/F) (75h x 168w x 35d cm)
Estimate $140-240 
Sold for $750
A tall bookcase with sliding cupboard below
A mid-century bookcase with cupboard below (A/F) (182h x 91w x 30d cm)
Estimate $200-300 
Sold for $160
A modern glazed double bodied bookcase
A baltic pine doubled bodied bookcase with glazed doors, cupboards below (231h x 140w x 42d cm)
Estimate $360-500 
A white small bookcase with irregular top
A white painted timber bookshelf (A/F) (96h x 103w x 23d cm)
Estimate $140-240 
Sold for $80

Bookcases are indispensable items of furniture, but they have to fit their surrounds. If you are moving, it can bean economical to find a new bookcase at auction, and a handy way to dispose of one. The economies work even more in the sellers favour when Canard is able to co-ordinate all your sales and distribution. Rather than you paying per item for cartage to the auction house, Canards will manage all aspects – sales, donations, recycling and tipping – in your budget.

Photos: Leonard Joel Auctions