How to move antiques and objects of virtu safely

When you hire a home mover, particularly one like Canard Solutions who deal almost exclusively in moving personal assets for our clients in the downsizing or deceased estate process, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to move antiques. It isn’t a trade secret to know that antique objects retain their valuations better when kept in mint condition. It is highly desirable that the moving process avoid exposing the antique to damage. Canard Solutions can assist in this area. The following are some points Canard Solutions recommends when moving your antiques and treasures.

Use Labels

Regardless whether your antiques are being moved to your new home, to an auction, or to a deceased estate or downsizing sale, the pre-move preparation is very important. The label will indicate destination, and special labels and packaging tape will also help differentiate boxes and packaging that contains antiques and valuable from others that contain less valuable contents.

Pad and protect Antiques and Valuables

Bubble wrap might be fun to pop but it’s also a very important staple in protecting valuable art, mirrors, glass, porcelain, crustal, wood surfaces, and even the legs of aged furniture. Other padding materials to consider include styrofoam peanuts, and scrunched butcher’s paper. Canard Solutions utilises all the above materials in packing our clients’ antiques and collectables, ensuring their move is a seamless process free of damage.

Talk to Us

We’re very good at moving your delicate belongings and antiques, just check our testimonials. Don’t forget to alert us to your antiques and valuables so we can pack and move them with special care. The more communication, the better!