The Meek Magic Maid

You may have seen them hidden away, as side tables, cabinets or shelves. but while these wheeled tables that served as the loyal companions to waiters, and waitresses are being retired to various corners of countless rooms. Their monetary value has only risen. Which begs the question, why aren’t they being used!?
A part form looking old I just cant fathom it. If Uber eats, menu log and Deliveroo all strive off of a business model that bets its delivery price against your drive to leave the house, then surely the Magic maid which in this day and age would be used as a glorified home 7/11, should be making the biggest resurgence known to man. But instead we at Canard Solution find these carts, consign them and watch them fetch a whopping price only to disappear amongst side tables and to be misused again as an interesting side piece.

I would say we at Canard Solutions, but this is just from me. I urge everyone (if you’re reading this that’s not you) to bring back the Magic maid. To see it warming up four and twenty pies for grand final day. To watch it make an appearance under the stars as it gets taken away with the glamping scene. To have it accompany hospitality staff as naturally as the relationship between man and dog.

If the modern day anthem is one of convenience, then the Magic maid trolley is its countries sigil.