Ideas for a Resolution

A dreaded time of year crawls towards us in the wake of Christmas. During Christmas you take a breath, in between those breaths you inhale food and while that is going your mind is blinded by dazzling lights and decadent decorations. All of this leaves your mind spotless. However this isn’t entirely true, there’s a black spec, a troubling grain of dirt in the white Savannah of your mind. This grain is New Years, a time of year that evokes hope and reflection. Hope and reflection however are often partnered with doubt and fear. If you find the grain turns from that to a sink hole pulling you towards the center, and that no resolution is in sight, then we at Canards offer a simple solution. Make your resolution to make things cleaner, to de-clutter and restart at the easiest point, your home. This resolution takes no toll on you, it doesn’t ask you to get in shape, it doesn’t demand you change for the better and it doesn’t shame you into giving anything up. It’s simple and elegant just like the home you’ll put in order and these themes will flow from that room into other facets of your life. This year forget about improving yourself and instead build upon where you stand, making sure the next time you throw stones it wont be in a glass house, but instead a lead fortress!