Rusted Gold

During the depression of the 1930s saw the happiest and most popular time for the humble kerosene tin. Kerosene was used to power early tractors, fridges and burned brighter than candles or oil lamps. It was the all encompassing back bone of the depression itself. As the need for kerosene died and the many tins remained, people put the tins to recyclable use, making draws, stove tops and even chimneys out of the damn things. But now they waste away in old sheds with people unaware they are sitting on a potential gold mine. While it’s true some kerosene tins are merely just tins, there are certain brands which are highly sought after in the collector world. And now with online auctions, more people are around to inflate the price!

Not too long ago we had a client who wanted the Cansol solution and while clearing out this place we stumbled across a variety of these tins, some in great condition sporting old brands like Pennant, Shell and Golden Fleece. The client saw no value in these tins and rightfully so, who would? Well Canards of course. Not only did Canards collect these tins and transport them to a vendor they knew would have the right buyers, but they also went for a whopping $7000 dollars! Can you believe it!?

Ever since that job our clients have found it very odd when they go to show us an old collection of stamps or even badges kept in a container, only to have a Canards valuer dispense of the contents and take an astute interest in the tin itself. A recent client had herself in stitches as she went to show us old treasures encased in seemingly worthless containers, only to find her treasures were worth nothing while her rusting compartments could be worth hundreds!

As time ticks by it becomes harder and harder to know whats worth money and harder still to know who is interested. At Canards we serve as the clairvoyance in these matters, so that years later when you are sitting in your house, (perfectly moved into by Canards I’m sure) watching Antiques Road Show, you don’t see something that makes you think ‘I wish I hadn’t thrown that away’.