Case Study: South Eastern Suburbs

Canard Solutions undertook a project in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. The client’s Power of Attorney contacted us after the client moved to a retirement home. The client wished to sell her home, however, she did not have the time nor agility to arrange it herself. The decision to leave her home and move into a retirement home was naturally a difficult one to make. She lived in the home from many years and naturally had a lifetime of memories and effects there. Firstly, we were to consign all saleable goods to auction. Secondly, donate what we could. And thirdly, dispose of the rest.

The client asked that we keep an eye out for any overlooked valuables while we packed. We were successful in doing this because we have a good knowledge of the value of goods. We found several items of value. These included a diamond engagement ring and some historically valuable war medals. Accidental disposal of these items was a real possibility. Luckily, Canard Solutions was there to save them from the trash. Ultimately, disposing of these items would result in less cash for the client.

We also arranged delivery of some furniture and other necessities to the client in the retirement home. This helped make her stay there more enjoyable for her.

Out team worked quickly and efficiently. We completed the task over just two days. This included mowing the lawns, tidying the garden, and cleaning. Canard Solutions has the home cleared and ready for auction in no time.

Effectively, the income generated from the sale of furniture, goods, and effects offset the cost of the project. There was also a surplus left over the client. On top of receiving cash for her surplus goods, she was able to quickly get the property to market.