An Experience from on Dealing with Antiques

Here is an interesting article by Jenny Brown from She speaks about some of the issues you can run into when trying to sell antiques.

We often hear similar stories from clients having to empty out their parents’ homes and are having a rough time with it. Not only is it an emotional task because you are usually dealing with the effects of a deceased loved ones, or a loved one who is no longer able to care from themselves; but, it is exhausting rummaging through all the belongings and wondering what to do with them all.

Usually the first thing is to have family filter through the items and take what they want or need. Always had an eye on Gran’s decorative plate collection? Well, now is the time to grab it! However, this option does not clear out as much as you would hope (not just because Gran has outdated taste, either). Usually it is because all have enough things in our homes as it is. This option usually removes nothing more than a few sentimental pieces that are near and dear to your heart.

Charities are always the next place people think of. We all feel good about ourselves when giving to charity, and while this can be a suitable option, it will not result in any value for the goods. Also, only a small amount of goods given to charity actually get used (about 10% worldwide at the time of writing).

When going through the goods, you may find an item you think is worth something. But how much is it worth? And where do you sell it? Is eBay worth the time and fees, or is GumTree the best place nowadays? Not only is it hard for an amateur to gauge the value of an item, selling it is also difficult because you do not know the best selling channels to use.

Luckily, Canard Solutions knows just the right places to sell and donate items. It is important to have this knowledge because we can realise the best value for your items at auction. We also take the headache out of having to pack it and move it yourself. We can also tell you what is not going to sell and should be donated. This knowledge can be invaluable in this situation.


Have a read of Jenny Brown’s experience here:

“Antiques Roadshow? Forget it. The Sad Truth About Your Parents’ Possessions”


If it sounds all too familiar to you, why not give Canard Solutions a call to help take the hassle out of it for you?