Case Study: Sold, Downsizing, but Now What Do We Do with the Stuff?

A family that had lived in the same home for 55-years contacted Canard Solutions for help. They had sold the family home and settlement was due in two weeks. They had planned to achieve an orderly downsizing but the task was overwhelming. Alas, time had run out.

The family had moved a few key pieces to the new apartment. However, there was still a lot of work to do.

Firstly, there was the dissembling, moving and relocation of antique furniture. Secondly, the disbursement of family heirlooms (and even the relocation of a chandelier.) And thirdly, the under-house garage and storage area was so full it was hard to identify anything in it! (Sound familiar?)

Canard Solutions provided a team of seven packers and movers to the task. After three days of intense action, the project was complete. The property was clean and ready for presentation to the new owner.

Canard Solutions moved all wanted items to the new apartment. We also took some certain items to other family member’s homes. We consigned all unwanted valuables to auction houses for sale. This helped offset the costs of the project. It also provided a return of proceeds for the client.

Leaving a home after 55 years is an emotional experience. While stressful for the family, we completed the project on time and satisfactorily.