Case Study: Home Downsizing in Armadale

The owner of a gracious four-bedroom home in Armadale engaged Canard Solutions for a downsizing project. The owner wished to sell their family home and downsize to a townhouse. We created a two-part work programme to fulfill these wishes.

In phase one, Canard Solutions created a photo inventory of the client’s goods. The client sorted through the inventory, indicating items to keep, donate, sell, or dispose of. In the meantime, the family helped by removing easily disposable surplus goods, and items they wanted to keep.

Canard Solutions discussed the completed inventory with the client once they had sorted through it. We decided which items to sell and which to donate. However, due to our knowledge and expertise, we rarely need to donate items. We are able to achieve a sales outcome for most items. Canard Solutions attended the property to pack and consign the goods. We then delivered them to the most suitable auction house. Canard Solutions achieved excellent sale results for the goods. Furthermore, the house was now presentable for sale.

Following a successful marketing campaign which resulted in the sale of the home, Canard Solutions began phase two. We regrouped with the owner and moved all retained goods to the new home.

With Canard Solutions, the homeowner was able to earn money for surplus goods. She cleared her home and downsized her belongings. She successfully sold her old home, and moved into her new one. Another successful project.