Things to Consider When Selling Online

Specialist items can cause quite a conundrum when trying to value and sell. Selling online has become a great way to get a good result all from the comfort of your own home. It connects you directly to specialist collectors, ensuring you get the best price. You can also ensure your beloved item goes to someone who will really appreciate it. 
Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when selling online to maximise your return:
When selling with a timed auction, consider the time it finished. You want a time when most of your potential buyers are likely to be free and online. There is plenty of data available regarding peak times for demographics. Generally, the best bet is weeknights.
When selling on eBay, keep in mind you’ll be paying commission on both the postage price and the sale. PayPal also charges commission on both if the buyer uses that payment method. Cash sales and pick-ups can mitigate this. And if you need to send to the buyer, you can avoid additional eBay charges by having the buyer arrange a courier. 
Gumtree, or similar sites, bypass the need to deal with fees and commissions. However, Gumtree has less recourse available for the buyer if an item is defective. This can results in lower sales prices with “buyer beware”! 
You need to weigh up the cost of commission versus the value of buyer recourse. While PayPal charges a commission, the buyer can open a dispute if there are any problems. This means people feel more confident shopping on eBay, and are likely to spend more money. 
You must also consider personal safety when arranging pick-ups for online sales. Avoid meeting at your home, and avoid doing it after dark. It is important to keep yourself safe when dealing with strangers through the internet. 
Online selling can be a lucrative option for anyone selling unwanted goods. While it can be time-confusing and occasionally frustrating, it can your trash into cash.