The Cost of Moving

There are a lot of costs involved with downsizing, or when dealing with a deceased estate. However, people often overlook the cost of the actual move itself. These costs can rack up very quickly! And it is not just boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, either! There are many things to consider.

For example, if you do not have a suitable van, trailer, or truck, you will need to rent one. Moving is a timely task, which often involves giving up a work day or two, resulting in lost wages (or using up your holiday days to move house instead of laying poolside like you should be!) There is also the chance you may need to hire a storage space to store items. If you do not know where to sell items, it can take a while to successfully sell them. You may also need to buy a few slabs of beer for your mates after enlisting them to help out, too. All of these costs do add up and can end up hurting the wallet pretty hard.

Luckily, Canard Solutions can help out. We not only do the work ourselves (saving those holidays days for something you actually want to do), we can cut down a bunch of costs for you. We have great experience in selling goods and furniture and know the best place to take them to achieve the best value. Plus, we do it quickly! This means you save on storage costs as we can take them from your home direct to the auctioneer.

Canard Solutions can often recover our costs from goods. This means that we can sometimes offset the cost of the move with your belongings! Depending on the perceived value of your items, you can use the things you are getting rid of to pay for your move, and then often have a surplus come back to you. Your wallet will thank you!