CanSolver – a new way to choose

A cornerstone of the Canard Solutions process is our CanSolver family choice service. This is a bespoke system used to let project owners tailor a set of rules for dispersal. To put it plainly, we provides the tools for items to be chosen and fairly distributed. We’ve found this can be especially useful in situations where there is geographical distance or a degree of acrimony between various parties.

Once we complete our photo inventory and valuations, we are able to set parameters for family members, beneficiaries, and others to make selections for items to be kept and distributed. The Project Owner (usually the householder for a downsizing, executor for an estate) designate who has access to choices from the inventory.

For people who are not quite ready ready to move or part with their possessions, or in cases where an estate is contested, we are also able to produce an inventory as a stand alone service. This allows everyone the time they need to resolve any issues, whether they are emotional, physical, or legal. Whatever is holding you back, having an accurate and detailed inventory of what you have can be the first step in dealing with it.