From downsizing to deceased estate to liquidating commercial assets,
Canard Solutions fits the pieces of the puzzle together.

  • What does Canard Solutions do?

    We manage the dispersal and sale of personal estates. This might include people wanting to downsize, managing deceased estates, or liquidating commercial assets.

  • Who uses your service?

    Individuals and companies, executors of deceased estates, lawyers and families. Whoever has need of help in dealing with possessions that have accumulated over years.

  • What do you mean by ‘personal estates’?

    Canard Solutions have a range of specialists who can assist you in dealing with all your goods and chattels, papers and other accumulated assets.  We can also arrange services for maintenance and repair of real estate, but we do not sell real estate.

  • How do I know my personal assets are safe?

    Personnel at Canard Solutions are trained to maintain security of all items in their care. Police checks are maintained for all staff. Where appropriate additional security measures are implemented.

  • What do you charge?

    Fees vary according to the size of the Project. A base fee is set which is recovered from the sales of the estate. Where sales exceed the base fee, Canard Solutions recovers a commission from the excess.

  • Where does the money come from?

    Fees are recovered from realising the value of the estate.

  • Who uses your service?

    Access to the photographic catalogue is supplied, enabling family members to view estate items remotely.

  • Why shouldn’t I just donate or throw all this stuff away?

    At times the pressure of time leads people to dispose of items of value, to their later regret. Having a process to review items and make considered decisions, without the pressure of physically dealing with the items, provides a process which enables you to be satisfied your personal estate has been dealt with both respectfully and in a way that ensures it finds the best home.

  • How are you different to an estate clearance service?

    Rather than focus on clearing an estate, Canard Solutions’ focus is on achieving value for our clients and reducing the pressure for them at a critical time.

  • How do you sell personal assets?

    Canard Solutions uses public auctions, online auctions and private sales to achieve better returns for items.