Dealing with a deceased estate is incredibly difficult for a wide range of reasons. It is an emotional process, a family obligation, and a legal and financial matter. At any point it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Canard Solutions can help with any and every part of it.

Going through the possessions of a loved one who’s passed can be emotionally paralysing, slowing the progress of dealing with the estate to a crawl. As an aid, we can conduct a full inventory and valuation of the estate contents, and then post it securely online so that you and you loved ones can easily peruse and select what you’d like to retain or gift. We can take care of the rest, from sorting, to packing, to moving.

For items that are no longer wanted, we take the uncertainty, stress, and fuss out of the sales process for you. There are many antique auctions, dealers, and online selling options, and knowing the right place to sell can dramatically increase the sales result. We understand the market, and where each item will perform best once the sale price, selling fees, commissions, and haulage are taken into account, ensuring the best return for the estate. For items that will not profitably sell, we donate to a wide variety of charities, which not only ensures anything useful is found a new home, it also reduces tipping fees.

We can also manage the sale of the property, from organising cleaners and gardeners, to sourcing property stylists and real estate agents. Whatever you need help with, Canard Solutions is here.

Whether you just need help with an inventory, aren’t sure which auction house is best to sell antiques, or need help preparing the house for sale, nothing is a problem.